Tuesday, November 4, 2008


FINALLY ~Being fat is not a sin!

Imagine this situation; “I don't eat or drink at parties because someone will say, don't eat that, it'll make you fat”. Or “I can't go to the playgrounds; I'm scared the chains of the swings will break”. Fat is one of the most frightening words in a woman's life. Who wants to be fat? The answer would be a big NO, am I right?

The problem is in reality today when the world moves fast and where the words global and glokal come in and people keep saying “broaden your mind to be a first class mind”, they still point out their fingers to fat people especially fat women. Do you get what I'm trying to say? I mean despite of the so- called brilliant mind or education they get, these people still make remarks, or sneer towards the fat women. Apart of that, women are getting restless and scared they will put on more weights and wish they would die in their sleep if they cannot lose the pounds.

I have discussed this with my friends, how people can get easily fat? Or it is easy to get fat? I think all of you know the answers, and we usually associate them with bulk of food, greasy and oily fried chicken, heavily-decorated cakes and etc, but wait dear, all of fat cases are not because of those reasons, but simply to the factor of metabolism. Actually people with low metabolism would be prone to get the excessive fat, and vice versa, you know what I mean. It’s hard for me to explain it here because well, I’m not the expert. (I should learn more!). Just remember this fact, and you will feel better!

This action; where we call it prejudice among fat women sometimes has been learnt by our children themselves. Even when we ask them, they would say that being fat is ugly, or maybe from their actions; they prefer slimmer girls than the big ones. On other cases, there may be one child asking their plump mother, “Why can't you be like other mothers?” Children as their mind is full with sense of inquiry would continue to give this “honest remarks” on those fat people because they have been bombarded with the ideas before. Well lessons for the beginners, isn't it?

While the prejudice among adults are more severe than the previous ones. For example people who acknowledge them as normal; do not want fat women in health spa because according to them, “ the fatty are smelly” or “they take up too much room”. While in the shopping complex, the changing room is too small, or some evil remarks like fat women can't run, and they can't get pregnant. These are all examples of double edged oppression towards these fat women. Do you think this phenomenon happens in Western? The answer is “No”. It does happen here. In fact, every time we watch Adibah Noor singing on the stage, what would we think or say is just the same with others.

Being fat doesn’t mean you are ugly, but the other way round. Just see the problem as an opportunity to change your life. Sitting there crying would not solve it, but facing it with great courage is the ultimate fight between you and the morons (if you know what I mean). Everyone has his or her own problem, it is you who is chosen to face the battle and just remember God would never give His servants burden that cannot be carried on their shoulders.

As a conclusion, being fat is not a sin. An American researcher Dr. Paul Ernsberg said; to expect a person to become thin is as unreasonable as expecting a black person to bleach her skin, so guys, let us think and make a paradigm shift towards this double standard on these bigger people.