Sunday, January 4, 2009

Writing, what do you know about it? : Final draft

Writing is my hobby. Why? Have I known the answer, I would have stopped writing. I don't know, it just come that way, I just like reading and writing; a package huh. If one asks me, then I would answer it is because of my interest in it. Interest? Who would love writing anyway? Well that's me. And just look at so many blogs appear like healthy mushrooms after the rain. A lot of them grow when they actually know they are going to be eaten by the predators or stepped by human beings. Funny huh? But that's reality. And that's how I took that example as a comparison to the writing.

Talking about writing, how to be a good writer and what are the measures to get you into that area? Sometimes when we sit to write something for our assignments, then that will be the time we suddenly get blank and feel disappointed that we can't finish the task. While on the other time, especially last minute (like me), the ideas are flowing like the rain in December (if you know what I mean). Later it depends on your style of writing or maybe we can say your learning style (Gardner’s multiple intelligences).

So how to be a good writer? First of all just write anything you want to write, for example you are taking care of your niece or new born- nephew (like me huhu), so be a good observant there (another tip). Look at how our God has created a perfect and flawless human being, cute mouth, twitchy nose, smiling pair of eyes, soft hair and the little hands that hold our finger firmly. And what about the sound she or he makes, crying for milk, or pretends to get the mothers' attention. There are so many you can write, that somehow we forgot to mention all those things in our writing.

One of my good friends once said to me that a good writer comes with many writings. If you have an idea, or an expression to pour onto paper, just write it. Don’t wait and says “oh I'll write it later" because you may not recall the ideas in the future. A bad example like me whereby I like to keep the idea in my head until suddenly it just lost or disappeared. So that's not a good example to become a good writer. The most important thing is just write anything that appears in your mind, and later the first drafts of yours can be improved.

Well that can’t be enough for you to become a good writer. I have to tell you how to get yourself into the area of writing. An area that will fulfill your dream to a success career. Well again I tell you, I'm not here to teach but to share. If you have seen the ads of Cadbury chocolates, then maybe you would understand of what I meant. Oh, so you haven't seen it? The ads is about sharing that brings joy and happiness to the person we love. What I mean is I am here to share what I know.

So back to business, to begin writing, you have to love writing. What?? Love writing??? Yucks !! Well that's the only way my friend. But how to love writing? In my opinion, writing is really close to reading. So start reading from now on, and do not forget to jot down several or many or maybe ALL words (which is not possible) you don't know. Don't read difficult text, simpler ones would do for example when I read Sweet Valley High many years back, I used several words in the book to write my essay, and the essay is considered among the best at that time, (not to boast) but to show an example how I adapted what have I read into my writing.

As a conclusion, I would say that it is not so hard to write nor so easy to begin with. All you need is some easy, simple preparation that enables you to write a good piece of writing. Sometimes you just don't realize you have the talent within yourself! So start now, who knows you might be the next A. Samad Said or Stephen King!!