Friday, October 10, 2008

being fat is not a sin

DRAFT 1 : Being fat is not a sin

Imagine this situation; “I don't eat or drink at parties because someone will say, don't eat that, it'll make you fat”. Or “I can't go to the playgrounds; I'm scared the chains of the swings will break”. Fat is one of the most frightening words in a woman's life. Who wants to be fat, certainly not you and not me. But in reality today when the world moves fast where the word global and glokal come in and people keep saying “broaden your mind to be a first class mind”, they still point out their fingers to fat people especially fat women. So women are getting restless and scared they will put on more weights and wish they would die in their sleep if they cannot lose the pounds.
This action; where we call it prejudice among fat women sometimes has been learnt by our children themselves. Even when we ask them, they would say that being fat is ugly, or maybe from their actions; they prefer more slim girls than the big ones. On other cases, there may be one child asks their plump mother, “Why can't you be like other mothers?” Children as their mind is full with sense of inquiry would continue to give this “honest remarks” on those fat people because they have been bombarded with the ideas before. Well lessons for the beginners, isn't it?
While the prejudice among adults are more severe than the previous ones. People who acknowledge them as normal; do not want fat women in health spa because according to them, “ the fatty are smelly” or “they take up too much room”. While in the shopping complex, the changing room is too small, or some evil remarks like fat women can't run, and they can't get pregnant. These are all eexamples of double edged oppression towards these fat women.
Being fat is not a sin. An American researcher Dr. Paul Ernsberg said; to expect a person to become thin is as unreasonable as expecting a black person to bleach her skin, so guys, let us think and make a paradigm shift towards this double standard on these bigger people.


onekyh said...

Previously, I was fat. Yes, I agree on what you have said. All those perception and thoughts has become a life cycle and nightmare to women especially. This burden is very synonym with women that till now, I am afraid of the fact that I might become fat again one day. I still remember, one of my teacher's children called me "badak" or hippopotamus..huhu It did hurt a lot. However, on the positive side, I never become one of them who make fun of others as I can understand their feelings.

Your writing is okay, however maybe you could do some paragraphs to make it easier for us to read and the ideas might not get confusing.

lupikirlah sendiri said...

thanks 4 da comment,it sure hurt a lot.. i knew about the paragraph, but when i paste it from word, it happened to be like that huhu,and im in a rush, thanks anyway..

babysbreath said...

Some people associate being beautiful with being skinny. i think even if you are not skinny as long as you are healthy then it is better. sometimes being skinny makes people believed that they are healthy but that is not true.

But in reality today when the world moves fast where the word global and glokal come in and people keep saying “broaden your mind to be a first class mind”, they still point out their fingers to fat people especially fat women.
I dont quite understand this. mind elaborating it more?

yagami said...

A good topic you have chosen. It is true that people are well aware of it and everyday we are bombarded with slimming body advertisement. I remembered what Mr. Hussein said. Who imposed such ideas? The male and we can't stop the society to having such kind of perception but this is a good exposure that we should not look down on 'fat' people. I agree with Onekyh that you should separate the text in paragraphs to make it more understandable.

blueberry said...

interesting topic.
lucky me i can eat what i want without feeling guilty gaining weight. this is because it is hard to me to gain wight. so, lucky huh..
i eat a lot and i went to usm gym to do workout to get a good body figure..i have so many friends who always complaint themselves on how much they have gain weight..but i haven't notice any changes to their body. people always complaint. it was so boring to hear to their complaints all the time. being fat is not a sin.. but you have to make sure that u eat healthy selective. don't eat food that can harm your body.

i used to eat a lot..but i choose what i eat..being fat is not a sin. as long as you are healty and happy..don't waste you time by keep worrying about this matter. enjoy your life..

persona non grata said...

i'm facing same problem but i still not considered as fat. if i eat much, my weight will increase easily.
i agree with blueberry, we need to eat food that good for our health. i still put effort on maintaining my weight by eating when i hungry and avoid drinking ice.

mybe u shold add some story on how other people always look at u or the impact on this matter..

fahmi said...

interesting topic to share. for this topic it will become much more interested if you can tell about how people easilly get fat. you also can state that people with low metabolisme rate can get fat easier.

you also can include advice or tips about food they should taking or tips to get ideal body mass index. so it can help people who read your blog to get benefit from what their read.

nEuRuLe @z@Ni said...

of course it is not a sin to be you want to be fat? ask yourself. who wants to be fat when they are overweight. mak jah..i know you post the entry of that nasty kind of topic because you live i surroundings that is full of fat friends. also your room mate right. but don't worry. i like the way you post your ideas as it makes me feel better. the language that u use is good. i like the way u digest your ideas in written form.sometimes it is sinnical but the truth is there. most f the people don't like to be fat and even stare at fat people like they were the ugliest creation in the universe. but the fatness of a person has its own degree.. fat of cholesterol, fat of fat..r fat of muscle and so on. the media plays important roles of portraying the figures and shapes that have become a trend and followed in this modern days.. being thin is not a sin too...okay, okay. ill try to reduce my weight..

hanmie7227 said...

Hahaha…..frankly, I can’t stop laughing when I read your draft. Well, what you have been said is true. I have to admit myself that I have that kind of mind set too.

Now, let us review your writing. I love your introduction. It is very interesting and attract me while reading it. Readers are able to enjoy your reading. The same thing goes for your conclusion. Using quotation as a closure is a good way in concluding what you talked about.
I agree with our friends, you need to organise your paragraph well. It is better if readers can see it clearly your organisation of paragraph.
There are minor grammatical mistakes that I could trace inside your writing. So, maybe you could improve it later in second draft.

Your essay is short and simple. But it would be lovely if you can add up more points about it and developed more to it. Besides, it will become much more interesting if you can add up examples from your experiences.

Well, that’s all. Sorry if I make mistakes in my comment.